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Movement to introduce a dynamic change in postures in school education to prevent non-communicable diseases and improve cognitive abilities of children

What We Stand For?

We stand for the topicality of the dynamic change in primary education.
Tackling hypodynamia
First-year students spend about 10 hours sitting. It dramatically affects the development of the locomotor apparatus. Paying attention to this problem ASAP will translate in healthy children today and active citizens in the future.
Implementing standing desks in schools
Standing desks allow children to stand while studying in a classroom. However, students do not have to stand all the time. Instead, they can choose what they want – to stand or to sit.
Introducing policies against scoliosis
The research shows, the use of standing desks improves the quality of learning and helps to prevent non-communicable diseases.
Making the education system flexible
Educational reform is a fundamental process, which will continue until 2030. The Let Kids Move initiative is an important part in the change of the whole education system. Join us!

Education is the most powerful tool to change the world!
Working with schools
To prevent non-communicable diseases, schools must be prepared for change, and we are eager to help them.
Supporting teachers
We actively support teachers who want to introduce new practices and workshops in their schools.
Lobbying from the state
We try to change the existing legal and political mechanisms and to make place for our demands in the educational reform.
Working with parents
Without understanding the problem, parents we will not be able to make changes. Join us!
Our Contacts
We are always open to yours ideas and proposals
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