Франц Кафка – Перевтілення

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Imagine waking up one morning and realizing that you are no longer human.

And the insect.

This is exactly what happened to Gregory Zamza. A young and successful salesman at a prestigious company. He became an ugly beetle on the outside, but he remained a man inside because his mind stayed with him and he understood everything around him and couldn’t say anything. Gregory was the only source of income in the family. And now his loved ones are barely making ends meet.

Only his sister shows pies and walks into his room (where Gregory was slammed by his father) to get some food out there. A native mother cannot look at him at all, as she immediately begins having an asthma panic attack. The family takes lodgers to have at least some money for the bread, and they, in turn, are brazenly.

This is a story of how a man who genuinely loved his loved ones does not get paid and gradually fades.
Gregory wished everyone good, even in their grief. But it always remains unclear to others.
He had no place left on earth in his new form.



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